About us

About us

Droit Veritas is a professional HR and legal compliance solutions provider. We specialize in time tested solutions and technology in the areas of industrial relations, human resources, labour law compliance administration and workplace safety.

We alleviate the burden of tedious administrative tasks to let you focus your time, talent and energy on growing your company.

We are backed by the strength of experienced industrial relations practitioners, HR and labour law experts, cutting-edge technology and a client-centric approach to minimize HR and compliance burdens.

Our client partnership starts with discovering your unique business needs and crafting customized, transparent solutions.


Why our model works

You care about your people and your business. But managing industrial relations, HR, labour law compliance paperwork and processes makes you spend large parts of your day on tasks that aren't connected to your core business. And while HR and legal compliance may not be your specialty, it is ours.

The advantage

By providing time tested solutions and technology in the areas of industrial relations, human resources, labour law compliance administration and workplace safety, we alleviate the burden of tedious administrative tasks to let you focus your time, talent and energy on growing your company.


As an HR outsourcing solutions provider, Droit Veritas gives you back the time you need to focus on your business. Our partnership doesn’t start with a sales pitch, it starts with discovering your unique business needs and crafting customized, transparent solutions. Backed by the strength of experienced industrial relations practitioners, HR and labour law experts, cutting-edge technology and a client-centric approach, we minimize your HR and compliance burden and help you build people strategies that allow you to achieve your business goals.

We take charge of your burden

The majority of an in-house HR team's time is spent on the daily transactional tasks associated with keeping your workforce going, processing payroll, implementing and enforcing policies, administering legal compliance, maneuvering industrial relations, etc.

In fact, HR leaders say they spend nearly three-fourths of their days tending to tedious administrative tasks. That only leaves HR professionals with about a quarter of their time to spend on the more strategic, and even more important, HR functions that can truly drive your business forward, like recruiting high-performing employees, developing retention programs, improving employee productivity or achieving greater overall organizational performance. Now you can leave your transactional tasks, legal compliance and HR woes to us to let you better focus on what you are really good at and stay competitive.

Keeping pace with competitive best practices

For many big, mid-size and small businesses, the "in-house HR team" is often comprised of an overworked HR generalist or even a single employee with limited HR expertise or experience. No matter the size of your business, today’s workplace challenges demand expertise that are state of the art and the best experience one could think of to stay ahead in the competition. Not all can meet this benchmark, but you cannot afford to lose out.

We on the other hand, typically employ a multitude of accredited and highly skilled HR and legal specialists who understand the intricate nuances of HR’s complex issues. As businesses grow and demand more specialized HR knowledge, we have amassed a wealth of expertise and experience that can be made available to you that was a privilege only to a handful of businesses. We offer you the unmatched advantage over your competitors. Partnering with Droit Veritas offers your in-house HR professionals the time and opportunity to develop more strategic HR skills and live up to the modern day challenges in HR and industrial relations.

What's your Return on Investment (ROI)?

Get rid of fixed costs that makes you uncompetitive

If you started adding up all the costs of handling your company’s human resources functions internally (a full-time HR professional, a labour law compliance system, a recruitment manager, snowballing legal fees, the cost of acquiring and administering benefits, etc.. infrastructure costs to house your admin staff), you’d quickly get overwhelmed

Wouldn’t it be great if you could avoid all that added expense and just find one dedicated service provider who could handle all of these tasks?


How it works?

So how do you find that perfect HR employee? Does such a thing even exist? There are HR generalists, payroll professionals, industrial relations specialists, experts in engaging workers and training gurus, but few individuals have the breadth of experience or the time to effectively manage it all on their own.

Even if you were lucky enough to find the perfect candidate, he or she is not going to come cheap. Someone that good will demand a big salary, exceptional benefits and maybe even a signing bonus. They’ll surely take a few weeks’ vacation every year, come down sick occasionally, and need a personal day once in a while. And even if you offer them all of that, there’s no guarantee that they’ll stick around. But what other option do you have?

Instead of taking on additional overhead and hiring someone who may not work out, engaging a dedicated HR and employment legal service providing specialist like us at your disposal can guarantee you all the HR experience, industrial relations steering skills, legal compliance facilitation and all the hands-on support your company needs, all for roughly what it would cost to hire one HR professional and a fully-fledged law firm.

Here’s a quick overview of some tangible benefits businesses stand to gain with us:

Reducing costs

The potential for cost savings is often the most compelling benefit of outsourcing HR. Immediate savings often stem from reducing human resources headcount, consolidating systems and software, and the ability of the HR outsourcing provider to manage your routine transactional tasks, industrial relations handling, legal compliance, facilitating operating flexibility cope with your unfolding business demands, letting your workforce shrink and expand to provide you the perfect operational flexibility, help you out in disputes, etc.. at much lower rates that businesses of any size could secure on their own.

Realizing greater operating efficiencies

Outsourcing human resources functions gives businesses access to a team of HR and industrial relations experts, proven processes and sophisticated systems, all of which help streamline human resources management and help companies manage their workforces more efficiently.

Maintaining compliance

Business owners are expected to comply with dozens (and sometimes hundreds) of complex laws, vendor and ethical codes of conduct and failing to maintain compliance with just one of these can expose the business to statutory fines, surcharges, losing orders, clients/customers, damage to image/brand, erosion of ethical standards you project and litigation costs. By helping employers develop and implement sound human resources policies and practices, we provide the added layer of security and protection businesses need.

Focusing on the core

Human resources is an essential component of every business, but industrial relations handling and HR isn’t typically a company’s core business. Instead, companies are involved in manufacturing goods, marketing products or delivering services. We alleviate the burdens and complexities that surround workers and their issues, statutory payments, legal compliance, workplace safety, etc.. allowing business owners to focus their time, talent and energy on their core business.

Just think: how much more could you achieve if you were free from the hassles of transactional industrial relations and HR?

What we offer

The role of human resources in business is an ever evolving process. In the past, HR was mainly seen as an administrative function of the business, and its sole purpose was to ensure employees got hired and paid. Now, however, as business owners have realized the value of human resources, HR professionals are expected to play many roles seamlessly throughout their day: counselor, trainer, company spokesperson, industrial relations expert, perform good and bad guy roles, legal compliance expert, event planner, trouble shooter… the list could go on and on.

HR and industrial relations is easier done than said. Chances are you’re not an HR or industrial relations expert who is also a jack of all trades. The good news is, you don’t have to be. We can provide your business with the people, processes and technology you need to deliver expert HR and industrial relations solutions at every stage of the employee lifecycle, from hire to retire and everything in between. Click here to see our range of services

Can you do it yourself?

Most businesses get to a point when they realize they can no longer manage all of their HR and industrial relations functions on their own — simply put, they need a little help. Instead of taking on additional overhead and hiring someone who may not work out, many companies choose to outsource human resources functions to an outside company that specializes in HR and industrial relations.

Today, most competitive businesses outsource at least one of their human resources functions. There is no limit to the types of HR and industrial relations functions that can be outsourced: payroll, legal compliance, workplace safety, recruitment, employee onboarding, KPI management and more.


Outsourcing HR and industrial relations functions like these allows businesses to streamline their organizations, minimize HR noncompliance risks, increase employee productivity, and reduce labour and administrative costs. These aren’t the only benefits of businesses that outsource HR and industrial relations enjoy. Most importantly they gain business agility and the edge over their competitors.

Why partner with us?

A fully-fledged in house system……

Is there a real, tangible benefit to performing this function in-house? If your core product or service offering doesn’t involve HR, why spend large amounts of time or money managing it? After all, having a robust in-house HR department is unlikely to help you sell more of your product or garner a bigger market share.

What will help you increase sales and market presence is shedding the administrative liabilities and tasks associated with human resources management and refocusing those resources on revenue-generating activities.


What difference can a HR service provider make?

An estimated 75% of an in-house HR professional’s time is spent on transactional tasks like payroll processing, industrial relations handling and statutory compliance. We have the tools and proven processes in place to streamline your human resources and administrative functions to help free up your (most likely) overworked HR staff to design and implement more strategic workforce initiatives.

Can you cope with the challenge?

In addition to cost savings, one of the main reasons companies begin looking into HR outsourcing is that they want more from their human resources staff. With the ever-changing and complex legal requirements, the rising overhead costs and volatile profit margins, companies are finding they don’t have the resources to keep up with the growing demands of their workforce and the business. Businesses need to infuse latest industry practices and hire the best experts to remain ahead of their competitors. Can all businesses afford this cost? This is where we chip in to overcome your challenge.

What if you get things wrong?

Failure in compliance with employment law entail consequences that can virtually eliminate your business. Laws hold directors personally liable for statutory dues which are tricky and complex. Costs of precise legal support to fix your problems and litigation will dent your profits and at times run your business down.

Working around the rules, maintaining legal compliance and being able to remain agile is a mastery of experience. If you fail to have effective systems in place to steer your industrial relations away from storms and traps you will have the writing on the wall. Many have disappeared from the face of the market for getting these basics wrong.

The moment you start shouldering the HR burden, you just will not have the energy and the zeal to focus on your core business. This is why you should leave HR and industrial relations in dedicated and competent hands when this luxury is amazingly within your reach. Get started